What is a DRP Shop?

The Danger of Direct Repair Programs (DRP)

Direct Repair Programs, known as DRP programs, are programs put in place with selected body shops. The insurance companies will steer customers to use these shops often calling them “preferred” shops, “network” shops, “select services” shops, or “recommended” shops. These body shops, in exchange for the insurance companies’ business, will often cut corners, put inferior and unsafe parts on the vehicles, and perform subpar work to save the insurance company money.

Bottom line: these shops are of no benefit to the consumer and they only benefit the insurance companies. They are a strategic way the insurance companies keep their repair costs to the bare minimum and maximize their profits. At the end of the day, they are putting profit before your safety and your family's.

Uncovering the Truth

This video, provided by Collision Safety Consultants, outlines how dangerous direct repair programs can be. Choose a body shop you can trust. Don't let the insurance company choose for you.