Used/LKQ Parts

The insurance company might try to convince the customer that a used part or "like kind and quality" (LKQ) part is equivalent to a new, OEM part. This is also simply not true. The insurance company will use the point to argue that this was a new OEM part at some point, however, these parts are very dangerous. Some of the dangers of these junk yard parts are:

  • Cannot guarantee the parts have never been damaged/repaired or been in an accident
  • Cannot guarantee the parts are not counterfeit or aftermarket parts
  • Do not know the condition—was the vehicle driven hard? Was it used for off-roading? Was regular maintenance performed?
  • Often the parts come in damaged, worn, and full of rust
  • Do not know how long those parts were sitting in the junk yard
  • No guarantee on how long the parts will last or perform (especially with mechanical and suspension parts)