The Repair Process

Vehicle Drop Off

  • You will be checked in by a customer service representative. This includes reviewing the damages to be repaired, reviewing unrelated prior damages, a vehicle walk-around, and signing repair authorizations.

  • A repair technician will be assigned to start the blueprinting and tear down of the vehicle.

  • Once the vehicle is disassembled and the full extent of damages are visible and identified, the estimator will work closely with the repair technician to submit a supplement to the insurance company for all damages related to the loss.

  • Supplement Hold: Once a supplement is submitted, we must wait on the insurance company to approve any additional damages that were not on the original estimate. 

Completion Dates

In most repair situations, Wreck Effects cannot provide a guaranteed completion date due to the number of uncontrollable variables within the repair. These variables can include: waiting on supplement approval, waiting on parts, new parts delivered to us damaged, sublet vendors, and any dispute with the insurance company over the use of improper crash parts. However, once we have supplement approval and all parts for the repair, we will provide a target date for completion.

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Body/Unibody Repairs

  • Once the supplement is approved, the parts will be ordered and if there are any mechanical repairs required, these will be done first.

  • The vehicle moves into the body department for all body, unibody, and structural repairs. This can include, sheet metal straightening, replacement parts, frame pulls, sectioning and welding of panels, etc.

Paint & Refinishing

  • The vehicle will be primed, sanded, and checked for any imperfections while other parts are prepped for paint.

  • Once the vehicle is prepped for paint, the vehicle will be masked off and covered up so that overspray does end up on any undamaged panels.

  • The vehicle will go through many stages of base coat and clear coat in the paint booth. Once the clear coat is applied, the vehicle is baked in our high temperature, pressurized paint booth.



  • After paint, the vehicle moves back to the body technician to be reassembled. At this time, any trim or glass is reinstalled on the vehicle. Final adjustments are completed and the technician completes his final checks.

  • Any sublet work will be completed at this time (wheel alignment, tire replacement, wheel mount/balance, etc.)

Detail and Completion

  • Any painted panels will be wet sanded, denibbed (minor paint imperfections are removed), and buffed to the matched OEM finish.

  • All vehicle repairs comes with our basic detail services (exterior and interior). If you would like more to be done, additional services may be added at an additional cost.