About Us

Paving the Path to Commitment and Trust

Wreck Effects Auto Body believes in putting customers' safety over profit. We opt for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and believe that OEM parts are better not only structurally for your safety, but also in the appearance of your vehicle. 


Our Vision

  • All employees are accountable and help one another to see that each vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition—this is achieved through open communication with peers and management throughout the entire repair process.
  • Train all employees to not just be great in their field but to be leaders and shop owners. This is done through mentoring, encouragement in providing leadership educational books, and open-door policies. We believe this will bring an end to the policies of profit before the safety of people.
  • We provide a limited warrantied repair that will last the duration of your ownership of the vehicle. This ensures customer satisfaction and employee pride of a job well done.
  • We work closely with insurance to ensure each vehicle is returned to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) safety standards though the use of OEM parts.
  • If you put your trust in us to work on your vehicle, you’ll be informed of Like Kind Quality (LKQ) and aftermarket use and delays through email, text, or phone call.
  • We value every employee and potential customer. Wreck Effects Auto Body needs employee and customer loyalty. You should expect, with confidence, that our team will protect your family and investment. We welcome any opinion, good or bad, about your experience at Wreck Effects.